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Picking your school and waiting for them to pick you

Florida State University and the University of Florida have been described as archrivals for years. Through football games, academics and student life, UF and FSU have always been in competition. However, no matter the constant battle between the two, getting into either school as a freshman is an extremely daunting task for most seniors. Not only Florida seniors are applying either— students from all over are applying to these schools because of their esteemed educational opportunities.

Being accepted into a specific college is a very big deal for students as they choose a place where they will attend for the next four years. This decision can be based on family backgrounds, personal career choices or just general interests. Whatever the reason, picking a college to attend can be very nerve-wracking and pressure-building.

Florida State’s decision of acceptance or denial comes out on Jan. 31, and many RHS students are awaiting an answer.

Victoria Snyder ’19, has dreamt about going to Florida State University for as long as she can remember.

“I have always wanted to go to FSU. My mom and three of her four siblings are FSU graduates and proud fans of the ’Noles. I have gone to FSU games since before I could walk. And I can’t imagine going anywhere else,” she said.

Ingrid Santos ’19 also hopes to be a ’Nole in her future years, but it is for the academics they offer.

“I want t attend FSU because they have an incredible criminal justice program, and that’s what I want to major in,” Santos explained. The University of Florida’s decision of acceptance or denial comes out Feb. 8. And nothing has changed here—RHS students are eager for a response.

Sydney Meric ’19 explains that her yearning to go to UF has a family-based background.

“I want to get accepted into UF because it has always been my dream school. My dad graduated from UF in 1985, further influencing my decision about UF. Hopefully, I will get in, but if I don’t at first, I will most likely just transfer there because I don’t see myself at a different college other than UF. UF also has an excellent medical school, which is where I intended on furthering my future career as a general surgeon,” she said.

Reya Patel ’19 explains she wants to attend the University of Florida because of its prestigious academics.

“Attending one of the top 50 schools in the nation would be a dream come true. Here I will be able to succeed in my chosen career oath while being a gator. That’s my dream,” she said.

Although, deciding where to spend the next four years of one’s life can be stressful, it can also be exciting. The future can be promising for those who engage in new opportunities. No matter what the decision is, it is important to understand that college is all about finding one’s future and developing new relationships with people, not just about the specific school. Students can find happiness wherever they go, and luckily for most RHS students, they have many options in the state of Florida to choose from. The future is so bright for seniors at RHS.

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