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Max Freed: King of Shoes


All around the world celebrities, athletes, and everyday people such as Max Freed ‘22 collect some of the most jaw-dropping kicks ever made, but Freed might be in a unique club with his brand new self-tying shoes.

Max isn’t known just for his self-tying shoes, known as the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0--he has a reputation for owning what seems like endless pairs of shoes.

“I have 42 pairs, costing about $11,500 total,” Freed said.

He spends about $300-$600 per pair and has no interest in slowing down soon. He says that the most expensive pair of shoes he ever bought cost an astonishing $720, which happens to be the attention grabbing self-tying shoes. He also says there is a lot more to the shoe than meets the eye, and the reason it’s so expensive is the tech incorporated in each pair.

“It has a lithium ion battery that has to be charged every three weeks and has a motor on the inside that tightens the laces when I put them on,” Freed explained.

Although buying shoes is not the only activity for sneakerheads. Max also claims that he sells some of the shoes he buys to his friends for around $400-$500, which is more than he paid for them.

He says it’s like “running a business almost” and enjoys every second of it.

Despite the 40+ pairs of shoes, he does have one pair that stands above the rest, a trademark of Adidas apparel, and one of the most unique shoes that has ever been created.

“The Yeezy 350 V2 is one of my all-time favorite shoes, and I was very lucky to be able to purchase them for a reasonable $350,” he said.

Even though he has shoes most people haven’t even heard of, he does have a shoe in mind that is the holy grail for shoe fanatics. It costs more than all his shoes combined, but he feels that someday he might strike gold.

“The Nike Air Mag was made for the movie “Back to the future 2” and they decided to make a pair in 2011 that costs around $12,000. That’s my dream shoe, and I would one day love to get it,” Freed said.

The next time you go to the mall and you see a pair of shoes that catch your eye, don’t hesitate, and do what Max Freed would do.

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