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Riverview student pursues modeling dream

Being a teenager is all about finding one’s true identity and deciding what he or she wants to contribute to the world. Still, one can only make this passion into a job in adulthood, right?

Vivian Silva ‘21 recently became a model last summer and is often working--whenever she gets a break from schoolwork. That translates to typically being on weekends, so that she can travel to the various locations to have a photo shoot.

From Silva’s experience, schedules for the various shoots she has attended tend to not differ, the same process of hair and makeup is consistent. What truly makes each event truly unique is apparent among the photo shoots-- the people.

“Meeting different people from around the world teaches me skills relative and unrelative to modeling, some as simple as just social skills,” Silva said.

Furthermore, balancing school with a job has not been challenging so far for Silva, but she has found that ensuring that she has a social life is important to finding a happy medium.

“Taking time to have a high school experience is key when you already have a job in high school,” she added.

Between both, she said one can easily forget that “you are still a kid,” so being able to remember this and still enjoy a common experience, like high school, is a great tip she would give to anyone going into modeling or any job as a teen.

Although Silva recently started modeling--at the end of last summer--she said she has already learned so much from the experiences and is excited to learn and grow in all aspects of her life, especially her career.

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