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Grad Bash–the night is finally here!

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, seniors are beginning to start the off the next chapter of their life.

The memories of this high school experience will soon be concluding as well, with one of the few exceptions being Grad Bash.

Grad Bash is tonight, and tickets went on sale on Feb. 4 before and after school for a per person cost of $120 a ticket. The money paid by seniors also covers their transportation to and from the park, along with a subway dinner. Seniors who are attending will be going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for the whole night. A Grammy award-winning band will also perform--DJ Nasty.

Most wouldn’t realize how much needs to be done behind the scenes for such a big trip. Allison McHenry ‘19, the treasurer of Senior Board, explained all the preparations needed to make Grad Bash possible.

“Before Grad Bash, we had to secure charter buses--we have to do that about a year in advance, we ordered tickets and posters to promote the sale and then sold tickets to every senior interested,” McHenry explained.

Amy Dunn ‘19 is thrilled for the event and how crazy it is to think that she will be a college student very soon.

“It’s all coming so fast. After spring break is Grad Bash, then Prom, and then graduation. It’s mind blowing all of this will be over soon,” Dunn said.

Dunn’s sister went on the trip a few years back and believes the trip is another good way to make some of her final memories as a high school student.

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