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Riverview's Got Talent showcased best of the best

Riverview’s Got Talent is a fun opportunity for students to show off their hidden or wild talents that they would like to show the school. This year’s show was on March 28 in the RPAC. The Sophomore Board, with the assistance of Sponsor Debbie Berman, helped prepare for last week’s show. And, not only did the Sophomore Board prepare for the show, but the students participating in the show also had to practice or do their traditional rituals to have their best performance ready for the audience.

The board members dedicated some of their own time putting in their hard work for the recent show. Ava Stroth ‘21 is a member of the Sophomore Board and explained how they better prepared for the talent show.

“Sophomore Board and I collected all of the acts and their materials for their acts. A week before the show, we had a mock run to make sure the stage lights and sound were working correctly,” exclaimed Ava Stroth ‘21. They were excited at that time to see the variety of different talents and acts that were to be performed.

One of the acts was performed by Madison Scott ‘19. Scott already won the title as “Lady Ram” for this school year. This amazing senior sang a song as her talent and the whole school was excited for her performance. With that in mind, she had to make sure she stayed in “beast mode” by continuing to practice until the big day arrived.

“When I get ready for any sort of performance, I typically will listen to the song on repeat with the vocals so I can match the pitch and make sure the lyrics are right, then I’ll switch to an instrumental and normally put on a concert in my bathroom mirror. I also try and tell myself to chill out a little bit because no matter how much I sing in front of people, the nerves still act up,” Scott said.

Win or lose, each contestant trying his or her best is all that matters, and this year’s event was a proud showcase of Riverview talent.

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