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Schroeders takes on Windy City to further her art


When looking at Sophie Schroeders ’19, eyes are met with fun, exciting outfits filled with colors and patterns. But most people don’t realize that these outfits represent her artistic choices. Schroeders is an incredible artist with a unique style that many cannot pull off. Her style is carefree and exciting.

Aside from her remarkable style, Schroeders is known at Riverview for her amazing artwork. Her outlook on her passion is different from most artists.

“I do not necessary think I have more talent than anyone else. I think I make art more than other people do and so I have more to figure out on what works. People just think I am talented with art because they don’t spend much time on it, but if they did their own original art, their work would probably be super sick,” Schroeders said.

Schroeders has been awarded at least one scholarship to every single school she applied to this year.

She plans to continue her education from Chicago at the Art Institute of Chicago. Schroders wants to study all different kinds of art while in college.

“I will probably jump from a bunch of different things. I have thought about designing skateboards, lighters or album covers. I also think it would be sick to sell stuff I make in random stores or in the street,” she explained.

She said she could even work in some sort of food establishment and draw the patrons.

When asked about plans after college, she explains “I think when I am much older, I would like to be a ceramics teacher and maybe foster a bunch of children.”

She is not sure she wants to make art her only way to make money.

“I know that whatever career I go into will involve art in some way, but I am not necessarily sure what I will be doing job-wise,” she said.

Schroeders draws her inspiration “through constant experimentation.”

“I like how textual the action of doing art is. The feeling of clay and crayons and paint is mega exciting, so I usually just want to be making art. I also enjoy the experimental factor of art and how you start creating and end up looking at something you have never seen before. I also greatly appreciate making connections with people. I like drawing pictures of people and giving it to them. I find it stimulating when someone thinks my drawings remind them of themselves or someone they know,” Schroeders said.

She also believes that art should be original and exciting to create.

“You start creating and make sure to not look at art that is already created. I hate to see people copying a photo that they find on the internet and only changing a few things about it, because that is not their work and not their style. You get nowhere by copying. Finding your style is your experiment. If you copy, that is not an experiment because then you know what your result is going to be, and that is boring,” Schroeders expounded.

In her own words, she describes her artwork as “personable and sometimes humorous.” Many of her friends and peers agree with this statement. Others have described her artwork as “phenomenal, eccentric and innovative.”

Schroeders is a hidden gem in the halls of Riverview High School. Her unique style and incredible art truly exemplify her personality and excellence.


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