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Testing season puts a stressful note on year’s end

Testing season is something that many schools have very mixed opinions about. Some students get super excited around testing season because it means that school is coming to an end, and to others, it makes them feel very stressed about their grades and how they will be impacted by them.

Teachers also feel the stress of testing season because they don’t want to fail their students or make them feel too stressed.

“I feel that this testing season puts a lot of stress on students in a way that makes them unable to focus on the lessons being taught,” Sharon Karasick said.

Karasick, who is a marine biology teacher, does not think that the testing season is very good for students—physically or mentally.

“Students shouldn’t have to be pressured so much during testing season, which is why it is good to communicate with your students every here and there,” she said.

Students during testing season also feel anxiety and worry about bad grades.

“Testing season is very rough. It feels as if these tests are supposed to stress students out before school ends so they can stress over grades,” Jacob Lawrence ’19 said. He believes that testing season is very stressful, and there is no way of getting over it.

“I don’t like testing season any more than the next guy, but it is what has to be done if you want to be successful,” he added.

Though some tests at Riverview have already started, most AP, IB, and EOC tests, as well as finals, will be taken in May. This includes the FSA for freshmen and sophomores, which run through the first two weeks of May.

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