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Dive Into Marine Science at Riverview

Emma Baltzersen '24

Staff Writer

Here at Riverview, there are different and unique classes that many schools do not have. One of these classes is Marine Science with Mr. Wasserman and Mrs. Rudge.

Topics covered in this class include oceanography, marine ecology, weather patterns, and deep sea. Oceanography is physical and biological properties of the sea, like currents. Marine ecology is the living things in their environment and how they interact with it. The deep sea is where they talk about sharks and other animals that live in the water.

The most popular subject is sharks. The teachers love teaching it, especially Mrs. Rudge. She learned about them from the shark expert that founded the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. The teachers this class because of the freedom to expand and explore topics that need it, or that students enjoy learning about.

Along with Marine Science, Rudge teaches the Stars to Starfish class. In that class the 3rd or 4th year marine science students teach as many as 4000 elementary students about different animals and their ecosystems. Introducing the young students to the world around them gives them a chance to learn why they should take care of their environment.

Stars to Starfish allows RHS students to teach the younger students about many topics. The shark tank teaches about the shark’s senses and how they are hatched from eggs. Mangroves and why they are important to the ecosystem is another topic. They talk about coral reefs and the relationships they have with the animals, and that it is in fact an animal as well. The touch tank deals with the sea urchins and starfish and how they use the water system. A kid favorite is the Marine Science class’s clownfish breeding program. and the snook program where fish are tagged and released in Phillippi Creek then tracked.

This class is a hands-on experience that students couldn’t experience through a tv or phone screen. Other topics include water chemistry, environmental science, physics, and radiation.

Riverview also has a Marine Club! The members who get involved in beach clean-ups and other activities that allow students to interact with their environment and get meaningful service hours.

All of this being said, it is evident that marine Science is one of the many classes that makes Riverview different and unique.


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