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Groundbreaking Dancer Cody Torrance

Julia Hocking ‘22

News Editor

Our Riverview Kiltie Band is a familiar site, including Band Members, the Color Guard, and the Highland Dancers. For the first time in their 63-year history, a different type of member has joined the team, Cody Torrance ‘23.

“I am the first guy to be on Highland, ever, since it's been around” Cody stated.

Cody Torrance has shown amazing talent and skills along with the rest of the dancers on the team, with outstanding performances displayed during halftime shows, morning pep rallies, with more concerts and dance competitions to come!

Cody explains where his enthusiasm for Higland originated when he revealed “My friend who went to my studio was telling me about it and how fun it is, and I started to get interested and before this I had never known what it was like before I had seen dancers on the field during halftime, but I never knew what they were there for. After she explained it to me it caught my interest, but I was torn between cheer and highland, but I ended up, as you know, falling to my roots of dance and joining Highland as I just thought personally it would be better for me because I knew more people in it and some of my lifelong friends were on it as well.”

The Highland Team has, for the first time ever, become a team that includes all qualified dancers.

“At first it was different because they had never made a uniform that matched the other highland girls so figuring that out was a process as well as a lot of staff members knowing my name which I found to be pretty cool but other than that I don’t feel much different, I don’t feel left out or anything like that which is awesome” Cody responded, when asked about being the first man on the team.

There are many aspects to being a part of the Kilties here at Riverview High, as explained by Torrance.

“When auditioning I thought it was only performing with the band at halftime shows. But as I talked to more people, I found out that there is so much more than that, like doing concerts, and performing at dance competitions, as well as marching competitions...that alone excites me so much.”

Cody Torrance, the first male Highland Dancer! Make sure to watch him perform here at Riverview High School with our wonderful Highland Dance Team!


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