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Inside Ms. Stockhill’s Life

Ms. Stockhill is an amazing biology teacher and softball coach here at Riverview High School. Before Stockhill became a teacher, she herself was a student at Riverview. Her favorite aspect of Riverview is working with her students and her colleague, Mr. Carrier.

Though Stockhill spends a majority of her time at the school, she also enjoys outside pastimes. For example, she loves to travel, visit the beach, play board games, and “hang out” with her dog, Jelly Donut.

Another element that she enjoys in her free time is reading. Stockhill’s favorite book series right now is the Harry Potter series.

She loves to have fun; however, she is also serious about what she does and what she plans to do, which is why she sets many goals for herself. Stockhill’s goals for the next five to ten years are to pay off her student loans, buy an upgraded home, and to become the best teacher/coach she can be.

Interviewing Ms. Stockhill this week made me realize how much of a fun, yet driven person she is. She loves to have a good time, while also challenging herself.


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