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Marching Into Football Season

The Kilties First Performance

The Riverview High School Kiltie band played their first halftime performance of the 2023-24 school year last Friday night. For many members of the band, playing under the Friday night lights is a new and exciting experience. The show, famous across the country, was slightly modified. The first performance of the season is always a little shorter and played without a full uniform.

Because it was some members’ first game, the band only played a few songs. It takes effort to get everyone in the right places, playing at the correct time. The songs they played included We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel, Thriller by Michael Jackson, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. The Kilties will play the full performance with all the songs later in the season.

Dressed Down

Another modification to the band’s show was the uniforms. Because the show was the first one of the season, the band focused on the music and marching prior to performing it in full uniform.

Kiltie Uniform Chair, Laci Tonnesen explained the change further by saying: “For students that have no prior experience with the high school marching band, it is a lot for them to be dressed in full uniform and to take part in the halftime show.” Tonnesen added that they like for the students to participate in the show without the pressure of the uniform the first time. The modified outfits included a Kiltie Band shirt and black shorts.

This came as a relief to some, as the uniforms are heavy and warm. Freshman and member of the varsity band, Nicole Rodriguez-Solis, claims that she is “happy that for at least one game we don’t wear uniforms.” The students picked up their uniforms on Saturday, August 19th, the day after the first game.

Night of Firsts

Incoming freshmen began their Kiltie journey while and the three newly elected drum majors Nicole Pena (senior), Alex Tewfik (senior) and Molly McWilliams (senior), and Band Captain Jamil Veldkamp (senior) are stepping into leadership roles in the band.

Don’t Rain on My Parade

The game was scheduled to start at 8:00 PM on Friday due to the potential inclement weather. The precipitation chances ranged from 40% to 70%, another great reason why members were not in full uniform, but the game started on schedule. Even with a shortened repertoire of songs and no Scottish uniforms, the Riverview High School Kiltie band started the season off right!


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