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Ms. Harding: The Counselor That Does It All!

For the past five years, Carla Harding has been a guidance counselor at Riverview High School. She works in three main fields: academics, college and career readiness, and social/emotional well-being.

She chose this career path because she knew she loved kids and wanted to make a profession in helping them succeed.

Mrs. Harding enjoys working with the students here at RHS, often feeling overjoyed when she hears that she made a child’s day. Even more so if she has affected their year in a positive way. She explained that, by far, the highlight of her career would be knowing that she has had an influence on someone’s life. She enjoys being a counselor because she knows some people just want somebody to talk to.

“We all need somebody to listen to us,” said Mrs. Harding

Professionally, Mrs. Harding aspires to continue inspiring and helping students. At home, she would like to stay healthy—both physically and mentally. She plans to keep everything in her life balanced, so she tries not to become over-fixated on any one aspect. This is a wonderful idea to stay in a healthy mental state.

Outside of her work life, Mrs. Harding enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. They like to watch Marvel and Star Wars movies together, as well as visiting the beach to have a fun time.

She was born in Kentucky, and her family includes three wonderful children and a new kitten that she absolutely adores.

Carla Harding is an admirable counselor, individual, and confidante. Whether you need to make a schedule change or just need someone to confide, you can always count on Mrs. Harding to offer a helping hand with open arms.


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