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The Lovely Mrs. Kay Shepard

To start, Ms. Kay Shepard asserts that she loves the Ram Nation and will work at RHS until she physically can’t. Many people probably do not know who Shepard is, but she makes everything behind the scenes happen so that students can all enjoy school. Shepard handles the front office work, including answering phones, responding to emails, registering new students, and tackling teacher’s needs. She also handles all the parents’ needs, offering them information. Furthermore, as she likes to say, she is the “Gatekeeper”.

Having worked at Riverview Highschool for six years she hopes to continue for many years to come. Ms. Shepard was also a part of the first graduating class in 1960 here at Riverview. Some favorite activities at RHS where she can be spotted are football, basketball, and volleyball games.

Other interesting facts about Shepard are that she loves travelling and being with friends. She enjoys going out to dinner and participating in her church. Her favorite memory is visiting Washington D.C. with the boys' choir, a place with history and fun activities. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, when she can enjoy spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Although she loves Florida, Shepard dreams of traveling to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and overseas to Germany and Scotland.


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