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Preparation for Homecoming, “Rock through the Generations”

Riverview’s annual Homecoming dance is right around the corner with a fun theme of “Rocking Through the Ages.”

Homecoming is glamorous and exciting, but once one scratches the surface, this yearly dance has so much going on behind the scenes.

Lorenzo Gonzales ‘19, the president of Student Council, is in charge of all matters and oversees Homecoming’s preparation this year. The first step to the process is the Homecoming float development and construction.

“We’re meeting with all clubs that would like to have a float and focusing on making it as focused and efficient as possible. We are also working with dealerships to pull all the floats and carry the court members—it takes a lot of planning,” said Gonzales.

The Homecoming parade will include clubs that would like to be represented with a float. Homecoming court members will also be driven in the parade at the game, and the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at halftime during the Homecoming football game.

The Homecoming dance will be located in the gymnasium this year, and it will function similarly to last year’s dance.

In past years, Homecoming was located in Robarts Arena, and many students were unsure of the new location. This will be the second year in the gym, and more people are expected to attend this year.

This year’s theme is “Rocking Through the Generations,” and students are excited to dance the night away to the endless classic hits throughout America’s top charts. Last year was a success, and many students are ready for another night like last year.

“I’m looking forward to this year’s Homecoming game and dance. It was really a lot of fun last year and went off without a hitch,” said Alessandro Iusco ‘19.

Some students aren’t aware of the massive amounts of effort and time it takes to organize a large event such as Homecoming. With the last few months consisting of Homecoming issues, Student Council has put in time for this year to be one of the best.

Jackson Harlan ‘21 said he had “no idea it took that much to do something like set up the Homecoming events.”

“No way I would be able to do it,” Harlan said.

Homecoming is organized and set up by a group of hard-working students who always seem to create the most organized and impressive Homecoming dance there has ever been, and there’s no doubt this year will be any different.

Students who are interested in purchasing tickets should know that Senior Board is selling them everyday out by the Breezeway in the morning before school starts, and then at the end of the day at 2:15 p.m. Students should get tickets soon, as they will run out.

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