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California blazes destroy thousands of acres as people evacuate

California wild fires are nothing unfamiliar to the US, and have been an ongoing problem for several years. Thousands of people are forced to evacuate their homes as the fires wreak havoc for days on end.

This year, over 9,000 firefighters have been going against the powerful fires, which have been named the deadliest and costliest in California history, and the drought isn’t helping the matter.

Alyssa Brown, a junior at Riverview, just moved from right outside of Sacramento in the late summer. Her city, Rocklin, is at risk for future fires, and says her friends can smell the smoke from other blazes from their homes.

“Everyday my friends update me about it and it’s really worrying because they say the smoke is really thick and they can’t really go outside”, she said.

Unfortunately, her friends live only a couple hours away from the “Camp Fire” fire, which is just north of Sacramento and is responsible for 88 deaths and almost 200 people that are still missing.

The fire has been recorded as the deadliest fire in California history and it took 17 days to contain it. Almost 20,000 structures were destroyed completely. Several people got cleared to go back home only to be told to evacuate again.

The “Woolsey Fire” in Los Angeles, was also a major concern and brought up almost $5 billion in damages after it was contained on November 21. About 200 homes were destroyed as a result.

Celebrities have also been taking to social media to post pictures of their houses that have been severely damaged from the Woosley Fire. People like Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Drew Barrymore have recently their devastation of their homes to add to the awareness.

As the fires finally start to be contained almost completely, there is still plenty to worry about regarding the aftermath with the damage, costs, and affected air quality.

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