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Rumph introduces new permanent hall passes

Riverview has recently made some new changes for students that are late to class and late to school. Now, students who are late to school or class will have to scan a card that keeps track of how many tardies they have and if they have a pattern of consistent lateness.

Asst. Principal Greg Rumph said he is liking the change so far.

“We are starting to use this system to be more accurate with students so we can tell if students have missed too much of school,” he said.

It is not only the attendance that has changed, but so have the bathroom passes for RHS. The new passes are large blue boards with open slots for paper inserts where students write their names and destinations, as well as time leaving and time returning.

If an administrator sees a student without this pass, he or she now can ask students questions about what this individual is doing and can also conduct a student search if deemed necessary.

Though these are the only new additions to RHS administration so far, it seems there are still some new rules they may implement in the next coming months.

“We can’t wait to see the benefits when this new program is implemented further,” Rumph said.

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