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Impact 100 SRQ helps community

A new organization, IMPACT 100, has been brought to the Sarasota area. This organization was founded by Wendy Steele in 2001 in Cincinnati. Since then, Impact 100 has grown to over 50 chapters throughout the US and eight in Australia. The goal of Impact 100 is to empower women collectively to give transformational grants to non-profit organizations, which can affect women internationally.

Impact 100 SRQ members Jane Watt ‘19, Matilde “Tilly” McFadden ‘19 and Jodie Zerega ’19, founded the Sarasota Chapter in 2018, and “with the help of dozens of amazing local girls we have launched the Impact 100 SRQ chapter” explains founding member Zerega. Impact 100 SRQ has grown to 228 members, whose members consist of women from Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The Board of Directors includes Andrea McHenry; Toni Schemmel; Joanna Benante; Brigitte Suttmiller; Melissa Tomasso; Dianna Manoogian; Tonya Getzen-Gowan; Sarah Lodge; Sannie Brander; Cheryl Ballinger; Amy Tupper; Eileen Rosenzweig; Heather Rippy; and Jamie Black. These women are working together to brighten the future of local communities, especially in regard to opportunities for young women.

These women of Impact 100 SRQ work to get grants and funds to help support the community in numerous ways. Impact 100 SRQ is 100% volunteer driven. In addition, it encourages students to get involved and help with events, graphic designing and computer work that goes along with the organization.

Impact 100 SRQ is making its debut or having its “inaugural year” this year, 2019. There are many events upcoming in the next few months to look for, including The Big Reveal, Non-Profit Workshops and Grant Review Training.

The organization is always accepting new members, even young women.

“We welcome any woman 18 years of age or older. In fact, we have several young women, under 20, who have joined us in our founding year. Additionally, there are some “Impact Junior” chapters launched by daughters of the Impact 100 members,” Zerega elaborated.

Any student who is interested in becoming a member/volunteer for Impact 100 SRQ, should contact the Membership Engagement chairperson at:

For any additional information about Impact 100 SRQ, students can visit their website

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