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Students hail Career Day at RHS a success

At the March 13 Career Day in the school’s gymnasium, students were given the opportunity to learn more about jobs they can acquire now. Students came for a variety of reasons, whether to look at a specific place they wanted to find a job, to browse other jobs available in the area, or just because their class decided to go to it during a certain period—but all were treated to exposure to a vast range of careers in the Sarasota area.

These careers were not just part-time jobs to have for extra money, but they could be very enjoyable and set in a field that students may want to explore further. Employers wanting students as employees, as well as students wanting to find potential employers, had some things to say about Career Day and their intentions with being there.

“We like to spread the message about journalism and its importance in the community. It’s important for people to respect journalism in their communities, because there really isn’t an industry that journalism doesn’t benefit,” said Jennifer Hardy, news director at ABC7.

The hospital had much to offer for high school students looking for employment.

“We have entry level jobs, and 6200 employees right now, which is growing fast. We are hiring today actually, it’s very positive and community-oriented. We are trying to introduce three elements--passion, skill and job environment. We think we have that environment.” Michael Ebaugh, director of Organizational Development and Education at Sarasota Memorial Hospital said.

Not only do these potential employers want students to acquire a job with them, but they want the students to learn the value of their work, which could hopefully become the student’s future career as well.

While most students were successful in finding a job that fit their needs, others affirmed their wage-earning goals.

“I want to work at a business where I’m able to work at my own pace and do my job the way that I want to. Also, to be treated respectfully from my peers,” Andrew Winton-Burnette ’19 said.

“I want to do forensic sciences and there is nothing for me here really, sadly. But I was happy to see the rest of the career choices for others,” Ariana Aristimuño ’19 said.

Whichever intention the businesses or students at Career Day had, they were all united by the need for each other. While students needed jobs for money, these employers needed workers to help their businesses flourish. Whether students needed a job or not, they had the experience to learn about available careers in the area.

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