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Success Center helps with college prep

As the end of second semester approaches, many students begin a crucial period for college consideration and preparation. With the reality of college applications approaching for many juniors, the Student Success Center is available to help.

The Center understands the stress and work that is involved in the college application process. College Career Advisor Rebecca Lewis says getting a head start during junior year is beneficial because “there are so many aspects of the application process, including upcoming college visits.

“Therefore, it is so important for students to not only be organized, but thorough. The earlier you prepare, the earlier you may apply and the greater opportunity a student has for early decision and scholarship opportunities,” she explained.

A great resource that the success center provides is the ACT/SAT workshop, a prep course designed by the Education Foundation of Sarasota County to help students boost their testing composite scores. This course is a great way for students to identify weaknesses when test taking and work with multiple resources. The course will provide juniors and seniors with strategies for time and stress management.

Throughout the month of March, the test prep course will take place Thursdays 2:30-5:30 p.m. The course also has a $100 fee, with ACT and SAT prep books provided and scholarships available.

Registration is required at:

Also, over the summer, the center is offering a 5-day essay and resume writing workshop which goes over and helps build an academic resume, as well as a college application essay. Dates have not yet been announced but Lewis says it will be a greatly beneficial aid for students hoping to improve their writing and receive peer or teacher guidance during the application process. Students are encouraged to go to the Student Success center for more information and resources.

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