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Final stretch: years’ worth of planning goes into ceremony

A busy few weeks are just around the corner for seniors. An event they have been waiting all year for—-graduation—and just like that, it is almost here. In less than a month, seniors will set out on a new endeavor and on the road to becoming “Riverview Alumni.” However, for organizers, there is more that goes into it than just giving out diplomas. The actual process of planning and making sure graduation runs smoothly is a whole separate ball game, along with all the other events that are also occurring in May.

Senior Board sponsor Josh Mocherman said a group of people is assigned the task of planning and executing a meaningful graduation ceremony.

“There is a graduation committee that meets with the principal several times throughout the school year to plan everything from parking, to tickets, to audio/ visual setups. They discuss logistics and implementation of the ceremony and rehearsal. Each member of the committee has an aspect of the ceremony for which he or she is responsible, and the group meets to coordinate our efforts,” Mocherman said.

Graduation originally was set for Saturday, May 18, but it was later changed to May 23 because of an overlap with IB testing and final exams. Not only do seniors have graduation to look forward to, but they also have other events such as Senior Night and graduation rehearsal. Prom will also occur in the midst of these events.

“Senior Night is an event where the seniors pick up their gowns, tickets, honors cords and other graduation information. We also serve pizza and encourage the seniors to take some time to hang out,” Mocherman said.

Graduation Rehearsal is always the day before the actual graduation, where the whole ceremony is practiced making sure everything runs smoothly, and then comes the big day. Needless to say, seniors have a huge, very exciting month ahead, and all of it could not be possible without Mocherman, Senior Board and the help of the whole staff and committee.

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