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IB Film Awards recognizes students’ efforts


No matter a person’s age, everyone finds it enjoyable to sit back, relax and watch a good movie. Riverview students included, there is something enjoyable about a well-executed movie that transports people to a different world through the art of storytelling.

On April 10, the school IB program hosted the fifth annual IB Academy Awards at the Beatrice Friedman Theater at the Larry Greenspon Family Campus of Jewish Life.

Seniors presented their thesis movies that they worked on from September through February. Groups of four students got together to write scripts and produce 6- 7-minute films about topics of their choice.

IB film teacher Jerry Chambless advised the students throughout the entire endeavor, supervising and guiding the students throughout their creative processes.

“A class like this allows students to be able to work in large groups and collaborate with diverse groups of people to develop a strong work ethic,” says Chambless.

The process of this film making takes an authentic approach, simulating a real-life film studio just on a much smaller scale. This allows students to gain experience in communication, collaboration, art and storytelling while creating their senior projects.

The four feature films were “The Jock” directed by Abby Sinclair ’19, “Outstretched Wings” directed by Kaan Kaya ’19, “Unmasked” directed by Leonela Tasé, and “In the Bag” directed by Zack Dorsay ’19.

The hard word exhibited by these students throughout the year proved to be a success, as all four films were selected to be entered into the Sarasota Film Festival for the 2019 year.

Editor of the film “Unmasked,’ Tori Interiano ’19, took home an award for her commendable editing skills throughout the entire film process.

“I didn’t expect to win. It was a good time,” says Interiano.

The IB film department allows students to express themselves through the use of technology and collaboration with other students, giving them skills that they will be able to use in all different fields of work, and the awards are a special night that allow these hardworking students to be appreciated for all of the effort they put in throughout the year.

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