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Clothing Closet: school’s best resource

Riverview has a lot of resources for its students. The extensive club list, the piles of sports and art programs you can join, the food pantry, etc. One of the coolest resources for Riverview students is the clothing closet.

The clothing closet, an amazing resource provided by students and staff, is located in room 5-107 and has many clothing options. Organized by gender and size, the closet has clothes that range from casual to party.

Tina Asadorian, the staff member in charge of keeping the clothing closet organized and running smoothly, talked about the clothing items most needed in the closet.

“I find that the things that students ask for the most, whether they are a boy or girl, seems to be sweatshirts… especially this time of year when the air-conditioning is on full blast. Another thing needed are belts. We have some belts, usually in smaller sizes, so we need more belts in various sizes.”

Before Asadorian was put in charge of the clothing closet, it wasn’t very organized. One of the first thing Asadorian implemented was labeled shelves and everything is on an hanger.

To keep the closet organized, Asadorian asks for a couple of things.

“… It is helpful that even though they might not fold it the same way they originally found it, even if they could put it in some type of a square formation back on the shelf, then at least it keeps it orderly for the next person that is coming through.”

Although all donations count, Riverview asks that if you wish to donate clothes, please bring clothes that aren’t stained or ripped, as well as being dress code appropriate.

If you would like to donate clothes, you can just drop it of in office-pod 5-107 before or after school.

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