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Riverview registers its new official logo

Change. Sometimes no one likes it, so this story might come as a shock for some readers—Riverview has changed its logo to a new and improved look.

Activities Coordinator Chad Smith tackled this project last spring, getting a new logo professionally designed that is trademark-protected and belongs to the school. From this point on, everything that goes out from the school that has a logo will have the same official logo, as opposed to the many versions of the past.

Gone is the “fighting” ram with its broken horn, the battle scar that proved its strength. The new ram has its bravado intact.

This is going to be a huge change for the school because this will be the new symbol that goes on shirts and other apparel and will change some of the previous logos that are up in the schoo.

No, the ram is not going away--it is just changing the circle design to a square, making it more direct and easier to read. Along with the square design the ram is becoming fiercer looking.

Cheerleading coach Jessica Bies, who is a chemistry teacher at Riverview, said she sees the update as a positive thing.

“I don’t mind the new change. I think it will be a good change to improve the symbol,” she said.

Also, George Brimingham ’22 said the new look will make school attire more marketable.

“I feel it will look better on the school clothing and will be able to sell better,” he said.

Out with the old and in with the new. The new symbol is a change, but it will be for the better of the school. Better looking clothes, better looking school products, better looking school--hopefully the school will be stronger and more united because of it.

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