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Easy-to-follow, tasty-to-eat banana bread is a fun baking experience during quarantine

Best Banana Bread is from a recipe found on the website. At times like these, people need new ways to entertain themselves. What better way to spend a day in quarantine than baking?

This website gives people simple, very easy-to-follow instruction on a simple banana bread anyone can make at home, as well as providing a short video showing the baking process. It is simple enough for a beginner, yet it is the perfect base for a more skillful baker to experiment with different flavors. The recipe gives a quick description of an estimated time it will take to make, how many servings it may yield, and what units are used for the measurements. The list of ingredients is the same as any other, but it is concise enough to not be stressful. The directions give clear instruction on what, when, and how to combine each ingredient. The instructions even remind those who keep pans in their oven, to take them out. This shows that the recipe was designed to be easily understood, as well as showing promising results to anyone who may be considering making it.

There is even a nutritional facts page for those who need or wish to watch their food intake, providing information such as calories, serving size, cholesterol and sugar.

On the website, there is a comment section below the initial recipe which allows people to state their opinions, alterations to the recipe, and even give other good recommendations regarding what to make next. Many people who commented stated that they had to leave the loaf in the oven for an extra five to fifteen minutes more than the posted time to ensure it is cooked all the way through.

Overall, this recipe is a great find for anyone from a novice to expert baker. Check it out at

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