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How we can help keep the spread of coronavirus minimal

Today, there's a major disease around the world.

Everybody has heard about the coronavirus and how rapidly it spreads. But the main problem is whether we can avoid the spread of it.

A coronavirus is a type of common virus that can infect our nose, upper throat, or sinuses. Just like cold viruses, they will propagate. Nearly everybody is diagnosed with coronavirus at least once in their lifetime, most often as a young child.

There are several strategies to avoid this condition that doctors have received. For now, a Coronavirus vaccination is not available. That leaves us with the challenge of fighting the virus’ spread. To further reduce infection with coronavirus, we must do the same steps as we do to treat common cold: wash our hands well with soap and warm water, or use a hand sanitizer. Keep your fingers and hands apart from the head, nose and mouth. We must avoid being in contact with citizens who already have the disease. And, we all must wear a face cover of fabric anytime we head out to the grocery store or to pick up certain things.

An infection like the outbreak of coronavirus raises significant difficulties for countries and governments. The decision to announce early spring holidays for schools, colleges and universities is the latest in a series of steps to keep the epidemic from spreading. Strict inspection of all travelers traveling into the country and decreased frequency or cancelation of flights are some of the steps.

People should be careful, and they should be very vigilant about staying home during the quarantine. In this case, other steps will take place immediately. Since the incidents in Florida have recently gone down, this is a big step for this situation. Hopefully, the planet will evolve into a healthier environment.

Taking control of these viruses is important. They can harm the safety and economic growth or our nation. Many citizens have little income and work, because most businesses closed for a period of weeks.

This is a frightening scenario for elderly people to encounter but also for young people who have to take care of them. People are miserable having to stay home all day instead of working or going to school. People should take this seriously and live in isolation, so that it will stop.

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