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Publix works diligently to care for customers

As you walk through the grocery store now there is a lot of activity. From people running to get the last of the toilet paper, eggs, water, bread, and anything that social media can say to stock up on, people are amped up. The workers at these establishments are trying their best to get everything back on their shelves, including Publix. Despite the empty shelves that you might see right now, Publix workers are trying everything to get the shelves restocked for your convenience.

One of the many ideas that Publix and many other grocery stores are doing is changing the times when they open and close. This helps the workers restock their shelves a lot faster and easier because they don’t have the problem with people crowding them while they complete these tasks. Another idea that they thought of was to put signs on the ground to direct the people into going in the right direction. This idea has helped a lot because you don’t have to risk running into people as much as you would have before. That is, of course, when people follow in the right direction.

This still doesn’t help with some people that are in fact still coming to their stores extremely sick. So, what have the workers done to make sure that they don’t get sick as well as others? Before, Publix was not allowing workers to wear any masks at first, because of how that might scare some of the people. Think about it—for a second, we are walking around a store and we see a worker wearing a mask. Sometimes our instincts will kick in and then next thing we know we are thinking to ourselves, maybe that person is in fact sick, so, why are we still in here?

As you might have seen now, however, many of the workers are in fact wearing masks for the safety of themselves and others. We would like to take a second and honor all these men and women, who are still working at these grocery stores, for their hard work through these very difficult times. They are working endlessly to help keep everything in line and in stock, which can be very difficult. I believe that it is a privilege to have these stores still open.

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