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Seasons 52 takeout scores high with delicious meals to go

My initial reaction to the food was that it was presented horribly, but then again, ordering sit-down restaurant food to go during a time when people are not supposed to see each other is difficult, but even still the folks over at Seasons 52 could have presented it a lot better.There was a valiant, if not futile, effort to pack all of the food into one bag, making part of it messy. But, all of that was easily forgiven, especially after we tried the food, which was all amazing.

The Food we ordered was essentially a small platter that consisted of salmon, prime rib, green beans, and risotto. The reason we ordered this food was for my mom’s birthday. The risotto, although a generally easier dish to prepare, was extremely creamy, and the green beans were prepared very well, complimenting the rest of the food. The salmon was excellent, grilled and glazed with a sense of expertise. And finally, the prime rib was just the right amount of chewy, cooked exactly as a 5-star prime rib should be cooked. There was even a free bottle of champagne with our order that, according to my parents, was a quite welcome addition to the meal.

Need-to-Know: It wouldn’t be very hard to duplicate our order. We just went to the Seasons 52 website,, made our choices for our platter, and scheduled its delivery. There were other side and main course options such as scallops and mashed potatoes, which I am sure are also terrific. We chose against the scallops because I am allergic to shellfish, and we chose against the mashed potatoes through a family vote where green beans won by one.

Overall, Seasons 52 is a family favorite and a place that I would 100% recommend to anyone who is interested.

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