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Slumdog Millionaire takes you on an up-and-down emotional experience

Danny Boyle’s 2008 film, Slumdog Millionaire is a true emotional rollercoaster. It follows the story of a Mumbai orphan who grows up in the slums of India. He and his brother move up in the world through a variety of cons as they try to survive the streets.

The main character, Jamal is a contestant on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.” The movie flashes back to his childhood and goes through each of his harrowing experiences and how they helped him answer questions on the show.

What really makes this movie special is how it incorporates so many layers into the plot. The accuracy and realism, combined with phenomenal cinematography, really stands out.

A ripe love story, the stereotypes of Indian society and relevance of social classes are captured brilliantly. It is obvious that some form of the caste system is still present in India today. The wealthy people are born with money in their family. They drive nice cars, have luxury homes, and beautiful women. In contrast, Jamal and his brother are sleeping outside every night, and doing whatever they can to afford food and necessities. This makes Jamal’s rise from rags to riches even more powerful.

It is highly uncommon for someone to move up that much in Indian society which resonates with a wide audience. Jamal becomes somewhat of a hero and a symbol of hope to all the struggling people in his country. He shows them that it is possible to move up in the world. A common theme in the movie is the harsh adversity that Jamal faces. Since he was a young boy, adults in his life lied, betrayed, and mistreated him. His triumph on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” is nothing short of a miracle. In fact, the police and members of the show believe

that he is cheating. They are mystified as to how a boy from the slums has risen to success. Nevertheless, his life experiences and natural intelligence taught him everything he needed to know.

“Slumdog Millionaire” is exciting, heartbreaking, and a must-watch movie

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