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A summer like no other, but Rams still managed to have fun

Riverview students had a summer like no other because the virus forced many to social distance and wear masks for the safety of others.

With school ending abruptly in March, many spent a lot of time at home following CDC guidelines. Everyone did a great job finishing up the school year with remote learning, although it was something totally different. This summer looked very different from that of previous years.

Social distancing and wearing masks are definitely some things everyone is still getting used to. Instead of flying all over the world and going to concerts or heading to theme parks, this summer was much lower key for everyone. Students at Riverview have shared their summer events and how they managed to keep themselves occupied.

Tenth grade student Anna Fortenberry went to the beach with her friends, along with volunteering at the hospital. Since the coronavirus, she’s “had to wear masks while volunteering” as well as later being “required to wear eye protection.”

“Especially with the pandemic, I had been spending more time with family,” she said. She kept herself busy at home by “keeping up with piano lessons online.”

Emma Harting ‘23 said she was “very productive over summer”. She said she spent her time cleaning her room and working on her art skills. Harting also said she was spending more time with her family and spending time with her brother before he left for college.

“We went hiking and went to a bunch of waterfalls,” said sophomore Lyra Kolesar. She said besides visiting North Carolina, she did not do much. Watching Netflix and online shopping were her go-to hobbies at home.

Zach Rubin ‘23 said the virus ruined most of his summer plans, but he still had fun. Instead of his original plans, he went to the beach “a bunch of times” to skimboard. Rubin also worked out a lot and did soccer drills to stay in shape. He

says he watched a lot of TV and movies as well. Rubin said he “saw some friends from out of state, which was great.”

“I went to the beach like every week, and I went to Orlando a few times to go to Disney Springs,” said tenth grade student Shannon Walter. Walter also had friends from out of town come here to visit.

Julia Wood ‘23 said she “went to Tennessee a couple times and worked out a lot.” She also spent her days hanging out with friends and spending time with family. Wood said that her summer was very fun and productive.

Logan Chappell ‘23 said he was “working out in the mornings, going to the beach once they opened, and hung out with other people here,” since most of his summer plans were cancelled. Chappell said he pretty much stayed local and enjoyed getting the extra sleep.

Tenth grade student Devon Berry said she “played softball, read a lot of books, ate a lot of Chick-Fil-A, and slept in a lot.” Berry said although this summer was very different, she still had a great time.

Hopefully, everyone had a great summer of relaxing, having fun, being with family, working, and staying safe, to get ready for the start of the 2020-21 school year.

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