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Baeszler a true Renaissance man

When you ask Dr. Don Baeszler (Dr. B) “What excites you most? What are your hobbies or talents not a lot of people know about?” Baeszler answers that he has quite a few of those. Aside from being a high school history teacher, he is a world traveler, dancer, singer, piano player, and so much more.

Baeszler is an AP World History, European History and IB Dance teacher in Bldg. 5, Rm. 321, at Riverview. A lot of his students would say he has true passion for teaching. He traveled the world considering his passion for history.

But, something they may not know is his passion and talent for the performing arts.

Baeszler loves to play the piano, and he says “as a young child” he began his passion for singing and playing piano. Now he plays the piano for matters of therapy, when he needs a chill break from the world.

Something else one may find interesting is his interest in dancing. There are not a lot of times a student meets a teacher who dances, plays piano and sings. Yet, Baeszler is a dance instructor at Riverview as well. It’s obvious that all teachers have a life outside of school, but Baeszler’s life sure has a lot of layers to it. Who knew that he sang, danced, played piano, and traveled world?

All in all, there is a lot one will never know about their teachers. No one will know without asking. Being a World traveler isn’t something a lot of people can brag about, but it’s pretty cool that Dr. B can.

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