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Coexistence opened year with social distancing fun in the RPAC

The Coexistence Club Embracing each other's differences is very important, so there is a club that is

centered around just that. It’s called the Coexistence Club.

Riverview teamed up the with the “Embracing our Differences” group and decided to add the

Coexistence club as a choice for students to be a part of in their extra time. Now, more than 10 years

later, this is Riverview’s largest club with more than 100 members.

This popular club is sponsored by Dena Sturm, and the club met for the first time of the 2020-21 school

year on Oct. 6 after school. One hundred members is fewer students than last year, but Sturm assured

everyone "it’s a better turnout than I expected in this COVID world.”

With this Corona Virus pandemic, and the Tuesday meeting took place in the RPAC for social distancing

purposes, focusing on educating members more on the pandemic through COVID bingo and COVID


Coexistence club is training members as docents to contribute to the “Embracing our Differences”

events. At Riverview, coexisting is a small thing each student can do to make a difference is this world.

This assemblage of students truly contributes to a making a better society.

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