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Computer learning month carries extra relevance this year

Computer learning month was established to encourage those who have difficulty with computers to learn new ways with technology annually in October. During this pandemic, students had the option to choose online schooling and are learning new ways with their computers. Despite the individual student's choice, both teachers and students are learning so much more about technology than they know about last year.

Jennifer Eastman-Miller, psychology teacher, says she has strengthened her skills with various apps.

“Teaching virtually is hard because we have students in class at the same time, and we switch students and classes so often. I know a lot more about Zoom and how to use Blackboard.

The biggest difference from teaching last year virtually and this year is the contact. That is why I teach! I love being with my students,” she said.

All teachers at Riverview are adjusting to accommodate students both in the classroom and learning virtually. Teagan King ‘23 says that she has learned more about submitting photographs.

“One thing I learned is how to submit pictures as pdfs, which my Holocaust and World History teacher has taught me how to do, and it has helped me so much throughout all of my classes,” she explained. McFadden also mentioned that most of these skills were unknown and more difficult last spring, but now they are easier this year and no longer a challenge. Another student, Jazlynn Hirschhorn ’21, agrees.

“I have learned how to convert files to pdfs which we depend on this a lot for school," Hirschhorn said.

Many students have learned technology skills that will carry out with them throughout their lives. Overall, teachers and students have learned new things with using technology on which they can reflect during Computer Learning Month. Both teachers and students struggled last spring with the sudden virtual learning but feel more confident this fall during the process.

As the year continues, all parties will continue to grow their technological skills that will be carried on for years to come.

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