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Cory fills her time with the arts—art, music, dance

Other than being an excellent art teacher at Riverview, Colleen Cory is involved with many fun activities, including music. Outside of teaching, she enjoys playing music, singing and Irish dancing.

She started to really love these hobbies as a child because her family had a band called the Cory Music Show. With her parents being her inspiration when it comes to both music and art, she has traveled to many places doing these amazing shows, including Minnesota, Texas and Colorado.

As a musician, she has met many talented people and still performs up to this day with her family. One of her favorite annual events that she plays music at is on St. Patrick’s Day at Evie’s Tavern. This day is so important to her and her family because they are Irish, so they enjoy playing the traditional music to celebrate their heritage. At this event, she plays many instruments, and she also is the lead singer.

As Cory is excelling at her hobby, she hopes someday to create her own music and perform locally. Her big goal is to always practice and have fun. Music makes her happy because she says it is very universal and there is so much diversity. She says she loves doing this because it gets her moving, makes her feel energized and it is therapeutic for her.

She hopes to get locally known, practice more and excel. In the music world, she has learned to sing, play the guitar and violin, and she can write songs. She thinks that it has made her a better teacher because she does better talking and standing up for students and crowds. When teaching, she brings in aspects of music and instruments to teach art. She adds that her day is made when she makes her students “smile and feel welcomed.”

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