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Grandma Rebekah King’s Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is one of the most popular foods in America, and although it is extremely good, the store kind will never even come close to Rebekah King’s homemade style mac.

The recipe for this cheesy delight was passed down through King family till it eventually reached her, and she added a little flair too it.

“It’s the perfect mix of cheesy mac with a nice additional crust on the outside to give it a little flair,” said Lester King , her husband. What really makes this mac and cheese unique is the crust on the top layer. It’s a light layer of bread crumbs and other small crumby foods that adds the perfect touch to an already amazing dish.

King also adds some paprika and other spices to give it a different, less traditional touch. A family favorite, nobody can seem to get enough.

“I just keep going for another serving, and another, and another, and another,” Esme Martin, King’s granddaughter, said.

King also serves it with a side of lightly salted green beans which really gets that extra flavor added on. Even though most of King’s grandkids hate their vegetables, whenever it’s with the mac, it is as though they love them. The dish truly works wonders not even science can solve.

King has won a large variety of cooking competitions in her local town at fun events like the Fourth of July Cook Off this last year, where she blew away the competition with the perfect mixture of crumbly, spicy and cheesy. King’s grandkids love to cook this dish with her and bring it into school for their own competitions as they state, “It’s a guaranteed win every time!”

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