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How to Make Lumpia

Every year for the holidays or parties, my mom makes lumpia. Lumpia is a Filipino dish that consists of fried ground pork wrapped with egg roll wrappers. My mom only makes this a couple of times a year, so it is special when she makes it.

When we make lumpia, my whole family joins in. First my mom makes the ground pork mixture. She grates carrots and chops the shrimp into fine pieces. She mixes this in with the ground pork. Then everyone gathers around the table to wrap them. You lay down one egg roll wrapper so that it looks like a diamond and put a spoonful of the pork mixture. Then you fold the left, right, and bottom sides inward. Lastly, you roll it up tightly.

When cooking them, my mom heats up the oil to medium-high heat and cooks them until they are golden brown and crispy. We usually make so much that there is extra, so we put them in the freezer to eat later.

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