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IB program offers a world of difference

Riverview High School is one of the best-known high schools in Sarasota, with over 1,000 kids attending each day. Among other things, Riverview is well-known for having a superior IB program.

The IB program is for students that are trying to work their way to the best for possible future. The program allows extra classes for credits, looks good on college applications and offers unrivaled opportunities. The people students can meet in the program is unbelievable.

Getting into the IB program is simple. On the Riverview High School website, a student can easily find where he or she can apply. The IB program welcomes all grade levels 9-12. By having interested students complete a formal application process, Riverview High is ensuring they get the students who will be best fits for the program. Answering questions like “why you want to be a part of the program?” and “what are the benefits the student can get from IB?” enable applicants to express their goals and showcase their strengths.

Maya Khader 23’ said that the application process was “very simple and encouraging.”

In ninth and tenth grade, students start off with the “pre-IB” program to ensure that they want to follow either the career or diploma path for their junior and senior years. Once applying for either, a student will be expected to work his or her hardest, with the result being to gain potential scholarships.

While the IB program is a very fun academic group to be a part of, there are some rules a student must follow, which include making sure grades are always maintained with no less than a 2.75 GPA, refraining from cheating on tests or assignments and trying his or her best, no matter what.

Johanna Faure stated that she attended a meeting her freshman year with Dr. Jim Minor and a few seniors of the IB program who said they “started off on the wrong foot.”

“But once joining the IB program at RHS, they were able to maintain a healthy school schedule,” she said, adding that made for a rewarding experience.

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