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Marvel Studios no longer ‘on hold’ and movie, series production resumes

Bethany Rahn ‘22


This past year, world renowned Marvel Studios had to put most of its productions and upcoming movies on hold. But as COVID-19 keeps slowing down for the US, cinematic productions start to ramp up again.

Marvel Studios has already released two hit series, Wanda Vision and the Falcon and Winter Soldier. Both series were a starting point for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios is also realizing a solo Black Widow movie, which was delayed from May of last year because of COVID.

Although the production studio faced many challenges this past year, they posted an exciting announcement yesterday on their social media platforms. Marvel Studios announced all of its movie releases for the next two years with official titles and dates stating, “See you at the theaters,” meaning all movies will be released on the big screen before they hit streaming platforms like Disney Plus. The announcement on the Marvel Studios Instagram was a 3-minute long video that included sneak peaks of their future releases. In total, official titles and dates were released for 11 different movies spread out from Summer of 2021 to as far as 2023. There have also been smaller announcements for several different series that will be released on Disney Plus, but no official announcement has come yet.

The box office record breaker “Avengers: Endgame” put an end to a generation of Marvel movies, which explains why this announcement from the beloved studios reignites interest for both new and old Marvel fans everywhere. So, if you are looking for new entertainment for this summer, and maybe the next couple years, be sure to check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a thrilling story, and many more to come.

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