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Miles loves working on DIY projects with her husband

Kylee Empie ‘24


Rebecca Miles has a very interesting hobby that includes home DIY house projects. She enjoys these projects a lot and started when her youngest daughter of six children moved out.

Miles and her husband Rick participate in these do-it-yourself projects together. Viewing all the materials in Home Depot gave the couple the inspiration for this about 10 years ago.

“I love the challenge of each project, from designing, building and completing the task,” Miles explained about why she continues to perform this hobby.

The challenge from redoing and starting new projects bring the couple excitement.

They have taken classes at Home Depot. She explains that the company has great classes to take for building. They both have a goal that all these home projects will be finished before retirement. Some of these future accomplishments include rebuilding a master closet with organization, painting and installing an electric stove.

Travel involves not much but a short trip to the store. Expenses include the cost of material. Extra space for these projects is extremely necessary. Spreading out tools and materials to create these projects is a must to stay tidy. Miles uses her garage and backyard for these activities.

She excels in these interests by getting inspiration from model homes. From these models a new project idea gets started and added to the collection.

“The minute that I saw the half pool/half spa, I knew that I would be adding a spool to my list of home improvement projects,” she said.

With all the interesting hobbies others enjoy, Miles’ hobby is extremely creative, and she seems to enjoy it. She and her husband love putting time and dedication into their pieces

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