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New boards, Student Council gear up for 2021-22

Tierney McFadden ‘22


Riverview High School students just elected new members for student boards for the

upcoming school year that they feel would best represent their respective classes. Through re-elections

and lots of campaigning, the members of student boards and Student Council have been decided.

As the voice of the student body, both Student Council and student boards give students an

opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service

projects. The students who were elected plan events, raise money and contribute to school spirit.

Each role plays an important part in representing their class. The president, vice president,

treasurer, secretary and historian all work together to keep the school on track and set goals for

the following year.

“This will be my fourth year as treasurer, and I can’t wait to get the year started! As a

part of Senior Board, I know I will have a lot of work this year but am so excited to start!”

Georgia Flint ’22 said.

“I’m a brand-new member this year and have never been on a student board before. I’m

very excited to be elected Historian and can’t wait to work closely with the other members of

senior board!” Madison Scholten ’22 said.

This past election, Sophomore Board, Junior Board, Senior Board, and Student Council have

all selected their members and are ready to get started. Freshman Board, however, has yet to be

decided but will be once the 2021-22 school year begins.

“I am so excited to get the year started and am so happy I was elected as president for

Sophomore Board!” said Grace Flint ’24.

“As historian, I plan to document all the fun had and decisions made at Student Council

meetings,” added Hannah Mauer ’22.

Student Council gives students the opportunity to foster skills like leadership,

communication, teamwork, organization and public speaking – all of which are needed in students’

futures. The elected members of Student Council and student boards are as follows:


President- Alex Kempton

Vice President- Brielle Campbell

Treasurer- Georgia Flint

Secretary- Zane Davis

Historian- Maddie Scholten


President- Shelby Nobile

Vice President- Emily O’Neill

Treasurer- Emily Lepow

Secretary- Lilly Mae Stewart

Historian- Jack Bates


President- Grace Flint

Vice President- Molly McWilliams

Treasurer- Sam Woods

Secretary- Lea Hernandez Bower

Historian- Melia Haddock


President- Bernadette Nwokeji

Vice President- Sofia Hildebrand Norberg

Treasurer- Anna Fortenberry

Secretary- Audrey Tucker

Historian- Hannah Mauer

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