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Possible New Percy Jackson Series on Disney Plus?

Kathleen McCormack ‘22

Staff Writer

Around middle school, I remember a time when everyone I knew was reading the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter books. While those Harry Potter fans received that world brought to life pretty accurately on the screen, Percy Jackson fans were not so lucky. As someone who was a part of both groups, I can confirm that the wizarding world was portrayed much better than the Greek. Fortunately, Rick Riordan (the author of the Percy Jackson series) has announced that Disney Plus will be releasing a show dedicated to the books, this time much more accurately represented.

In May of 2020, Riordan made a few statements saying that he would be working in person on the set in to make sure everything was done in order with the books. Not only were the fans outraged over the original take of the series, but so was Riordan. He left that project entirely once he was on the final script. However, this time will be much different and have a season dedicated to each book. On the downside, Riordan recently tweeted that the first season would take about two years to be released. At least we know that this time, producers are doing right by the fans.

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