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Sarasota Annual County Fair opens March 19

Abbie Martin ‘23


The Sarasota County Fair’s annual ten-day event is back, opening March 19 through March 28. There will be many entertaining rides and delicious foods for students to enjoy with their friends and family.

Each year, the fair gives students an amazing opportunity to socialize, learn and enjoy entertainment and local foods with their friends and family.

Student Sophia Hammer ‘23 loves going to the fair and is excited to go on her favorite ride and make new memories with her friends.

“I'm always excited about the annual fair every year! One of my favorite rides at the fair is the Zipper. I always loved that ride for years. I think overall the fair is a great, exciting place to make memories with my friends.”

Along with rides, there will be many other events that will provide lots of entertainment, such as Rosaria's pigs racing, New illusions, Oscar the Robot, Steer Sale, and more.

Student Sara Gabriel ’23 is involved with the steer event.

“This is my first time doing the Steer Sale but my third year doing 4H. I love it because it gives me opportunity to meet new people at the fair while doing my steer,” she said.

COVID-19 will force the fair to be extra safe and use some precautions. The Fair has involved the Backtronix Suncoast to spray the most public touchpoints. There will be many additional hand sanitizer stations distributed around the fairgrounds. There will also be signs around encouraging attendees to wear masks.

The Admission Prices will be all the following below!

· Adults (13 & over): $10 at gate ($8 online)

· Children (6-12): $6 at gate ($4 online)

· Senior Citizens (55 & over): $5

· Military: $5

· Children (5 & under): Free ($ 2 Gate admission on Monday)

Altogether, the fair gives students an exciting opportunity to make new memories with their friends and family in a relaxed and carefree environment. The fair has many thrilling rides, delicious local foods, and unique events for students to enjoy.

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