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Sarasota Designer Takes on New York Fashion Week

Brielle Campbell '22

Taking place from February 11 to February 16, 2022, New York Fashion Week will see mainstays of American fashion like Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Coach, Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors, and Anna Sui alongside new designers including Sarasota’s own Yara Shoemaker!

Yara Shoemaker came to the United States from Syria in 2006 at age 24. Just 16 years later she took her private fashion label to the place all design innovators want to go, New York Fashion Week. Her brand, Fovari, made its New York Fashion Week debut this Tuesday, February 15th.

Shoemaker, influenced by her childhood in Syria, used many of the things she admired in her native country as inspiration in her designs. She noted that the marvelous ancient ruins she lived among stood the test of time and applied the knowledge that well-constructed beauty was the most beautiful and longest lasting when crafting her pieces.

In 2006, Shoemaker opened a boutique in Sarasota, but true growth struck for her when the pandemic hit in 2020. She noted society's turn to comfortable clothes, and pivoted with her new brand- Fovari. Fovari is a sustainable designer brand that focuses on sleek, feminine creations. The brands website varies from exquisite mesh blazers, to velvet skinny pants, and even wedding attire!

The launch video used for fashion week presented both a black beaded top and a flowing cream colored top with a lace bodice. The most exciting part of this all, the models in the video were local Sarasota ballerinas!

According to its founder, Fovari is “a celebration of the female form. Its clothing is feminine, sleek, sexy and unapologetically feminine.”

Sarasota can take pride in Shoemaker’s huge accomplishment!

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