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Students differ on GOAT choice among pro basketball athletes

JC Fleming ‘24


Michael Jordan or Lebron James, who is the GOAT(greatest of all time)? This has become one of the most talked-about questions in the world recently.

Jordan and James are undoubtably among the best basketball players to ever play the game, however the debate between who is the best has been argued intensely. Some say Jordan because of his championship wins—6--and some say James because of his pure dominance on the court, along with how long he has been dominating.

From a survey of 50 RHS students, 32 (64%) said that James was the GOAT, while18 (36%) said Jordan was the GOAT.

Will St. Onge ‘24 had an interesting reason behind his choice. St.Onge said James was the GOAT not only because of his skills on the court, but his actions off the court.

“Most recently, James has opened an Ohio school for at-risk youth called the ‘I Promise School,’ located in Akron, James’ hometown,” St. Onge said.

There is one factor that may have skewed these survey results. The last time Jordan won a championship was in 1998. None of the people surveyed were alive to see Jordan play. If this same survey were given to older people, especially those who remember when he lived in Sarasota, more would say that Jordan was the GOAT. NBA player Bradley Beal had insight on this argument.

“Most people who say Bron is the GOAT, probably weren't alive when MJ was playing,” said Beal.

While the survey was between Jordan and James, some people believed someone else was the GOAT. Besides Jordan and James, Kobe Bryant was the GOAT to others. Bryant unfortunately passed away last year in a helicopter crash. In my opinion, Bryant is the GOAT.

Growing up, I always said Bryant was always my favorite player, the reason I wear number 8 is because of Bryant. Bryant won 5 NBA championships. Much like James, Bryant had an extreme influence on the world, through his “Mamba Mentality.”

Overall, whoever the GOAT is will never be a question with a definitive answer. There are countless young NBA players that have immense potential, and there is still amazing talent outside of the NBA.

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