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A Valentine's Gift for a Football Fan

Addison Ruscoe '23

Do not know what to get your football fan for Valentine's Day this year? No, do not give him a bear, or candy or a silly card. There is a gift that will make most men love you ten times more. Understanding football is a gift that can last a lifetime and grow your relationship. Time to dive into the game.

The point system

A touchdown is worth six points, a field goal is worth three points, and an extra point is worth one point.

When watching a football game, the large painted area at the end of the field is the end zone. Here at Riverview that area is painted marron. When the offense gets into that area, that is a touchdown, and is done via a run or pass.

If your team is moving down the field but gets stopped before they get another first down, which is earned by gaining ten yards toward the end zone in four snaps of the ball (called downs), they can settle for a field goal. They can then attempt to kick the ball through the upright poles.

A safety is when an offense Is backed up near their own end zone and then gets sacked inside of the endzone. This gives two points to the other team.

A sack is when a defensive player gets past the offensive line and tackles the quarterback before he throws the ball.


Offensive Line: Four big men at the line of scrimmage (in line with where ball is snapped) who's sole purpose is to stop the quarterback from getting sacked or to create running room for the running back.

Quarterback: The leader of the offense who hands the ball to the running back or throws the ball to the wide receiver.

Wide Receiver: The quarterback will throw the ball to this player, who will run pre-planned routes on other defenders.

Running Back: a player whose purpose is to run the ball on run plays, but on pass plays be an extra protector for the QB with the offensive line.

Use this guide to impress your special football fan with your best knowledge of the game. Now you will understand why they are yelling at the TV like a mad man, during a game, to people that cannot hear him, from behind the television screen!

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