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Traveling during the pandemic

Nicholas Bohlman ‘23


The pandemic shut down the country in March, which halted travel, but now as the country reopens, many question if it is safe to travel again.

Back in March, the travel industry suffered from lockdowns being put in place. Since March, scientists have learned more about the virus, how to prevent the spread, and how to operate amid a pandemic.

Airlines require that masks be worn at all times, require the middle seat to stay open to allow for social distancing, and require flights to operate at lower capacities.

Airports require masks, provide sanitizer stations, and enforce social distancing, while promoting protocols with signs all over.

So, is it safe to travel? The answer varies for each person. The airlines tried their best to comply with the CDC and scientists.

Those who are high risk should try to avoid flying since social distancing is not a guarantee for some airlines with the crowds of the flights. Also, the high number of touchpoints can expose a person to the virus as well.

Those with no preexisting health conditions should be okay to fly. However, those who travel must be sure to quarantine once they arrive at their destination and follow all protocols. Also, those who travel should be aware of their health as traveling does increase the chances of getting and spreading the virus.

Everyone’s situation is different, therefore, those who are considering traveling should determine if they are comfortable traveling and consider their health in the decision.

When traveling, it is recommended that travelers wear masks the whole time, wash hands frequently, distance as much as possible, and avoid high touchpoint facilities.

With the vaccine coming out, airports are deciding how they will handle it. Airports are now offering testing for travelers before they get on their flight.

For those traveling, be sure to take extra safety precautions and follow all airline regulations. Continue to social distance, wear masks, and wash hands frequently.

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