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Jonas Brothers make a comeback

Riverview’s students’ childhoods are making a comeback--the Jonas Brothers are back! There are three brothers--Joe, Nick and Kevin--who formed in 2005.

They stared on Disney Channels in many different shows and movies, the most popular being “Camp Rock.” This band was so important and so loved by so many kids and teenagers. The Jonas Brothers had seven albums, all created up until 2013. Sadly, the band broke up after all the fame and success because of personal reasons in the group. That was until this year when they surprised the whole world with a new single and stating that they are back together.

Fans went crazy and are still drooling over their old obsession. The new song is called “Sucker,” and students have shown so much love for this song and also for the band being back together.

“It reminds me so much of their old music and brings me back to the days, definitely a killer for the bros,” Amanda Souza ’19 said. She is definitely speaking for so many students that feel the same way, since this was a huge piece of this generations childhood.

“Growing up as a kid, I loved the Jonas Brothers, and when they released their new song ‘Sucker,’ I kept it on repeat,” Reya Patel ‘19 said.

It is easy to tell how happy this band has made people, whether it was years ago or today, with their new song and reveal of the band. Students should definitely go listen to the new song and maybe it will make them fall back in love with the Jonas Brothers.

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