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Khalid’s album favored by students

Riverview students, along with other people around the world, are obsessed with the new music that’s coming out. If you look around the halls, all the students have earphones in, and recently with Khalid's new album, that’s all the teens are listening to.

Khalid dropped his album Free Spirit on April 5. It contains 17 songs and while kids love it, there are debates about which is better, his first album or the new one.

The first album was a great hit when it was released March 2017.

Called American Teen, people have been listening to this album repeatedly, when in late 2018, he dropped Suncity, which had seven songs. So those two albums have been holding the students over until this new Free Spirit album came out.

“Khalid’s new album gives the listener a look at life and how to be free spirited, and by using a soft vibey tone Khalid’s music gives you a sense of happiness for sure, his new album is one of his best,” Abe Pintchuck ’19 said.

Khalid’s music is different from the original pop or R&B you usually hear. He has a very soft voice but makes it upbeat.

“It’s pretty chill and relaxing, it’s a real anti-stress album, I believe the newer one is better because of how relatable it is,” Morgan Windsor ’19 said.

Teens relate to his music because Khalid is so young and so kept up with all the new ideas, trends and thoughts of teens and adults.

Check out his new album—look for it on the top of the list of the Top 100 for Global music.

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