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The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation closes tonight

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and theater, embarks on a journey to retrieve Shakespeare from the underworld in an attempt to fix the world of entertainment, which is dominated by terrible reality television. This is the premise of the fall play prepared by Riverview’s theater department. It is a comedy written by Don Zolidis that is based on an ancient Greek play written by the playwright Aristophanes.

After a summer of reading about a hundred plays, Marjorie Kammerlohr, head of the theater department, finally fell in love with “Frogs: A Modern Adaptation,” and she has been working on it from that point on.

“I do the directing… I am also the lighting designer, the sound designer, the set designer, the costume designer, the makeup designer…” she said with acceptance.

However, this is not an individual process. With the theater club growing every day, there are lots of hands that can collaborate. Aside from acting, the members of the club stage-manage, assist and direct, run the sound board and light board, and build props for the scenes. Even though the work is hard, the fun is greater. With six weeks of preparation and four hours of rehearsal a day, the group was ready for its big night.

The play’s premiere was on Oct. 16, and it will continue throughout tonight. The tickets for the first show did not have a specific cost; the department only asked for a contribution, meaning that viewers only paid what they could. This is a way for the arts program to make this form of expression available for anyone who might be interested, so that people can get to see theater that otherwise would not be able to.

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