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When the main dish can’t be turkey, what do vegans do?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, people nationwide are preparing for a big feast, especially the iconic main dish, turkey. But for people who don’t eat meat, what does their feast consist of?

Most people like to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family. But being vegan, spending Thanksgiving with others who have a different diet can be difficult.

Vegans don’t eat any animal byproducts including dairy products, meat, fish, seafood, poultry, and even honey from bees.

“Usually we go to our close friend’s house for Thanksgiving and they are kind enough to make me several vegan alternatives,” Juliette Stone ’22 said.

“At first, I just tried to avoid the foods that weren’t vegan at Thanksgiving, but I found it difficult because I didn’t know all the ingredients that were used. So, my mom and I started making our own vegan foods to bring,” Brooke Whittmore ’22 said.

Lily Khoel ’23 states that she usually has some type of fall soup with squash and vegan pumpkin pie. She also said that only her immediate family is vegan but when she visits her other family, “They are really accommodating and sometimes even make foods that we can eat.”

Typical Thanksgiving foods they eat are vegan pumpkin pie, soups, sweet potato casserole, vegetable dishes, vegan stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

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