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Sophomore sets his goal to become a drone pilot

Remember growing up, how everyone either wanted to be a teacher, doctor or engineer? The future of technology is paving the way for new careers outside the norm. Many people have started taking an interest in these certain careers, including Riverview's very own students.

Gus Stottman ‘23 dreams of achieving a career in drone piloting. An uncommon career, drone piloting entails tasks of gathering information on endangered species, collecting military intelligence and much more.

This occupation doesn’t enter many people's minds easily. It’s a gripping take on piloting, and one must be captivated by the details of this job to want to engage in it.

Stottman states that his father is a pilot in the air force. This inspired him to chase a career in piloting.

“When I was 14, I thought about being a pilot, but it just wasn’t for me, so I decided to pursue drone piloting,” remarked Stottman.

Despite his aspiration for this profession, it takes a lot more to become a drone pilot than just dreaming to be one. Stottman said his eyes must be taken care of, as that is an important part of flying any type of aircraft.

It turns out, even some students currently in Riverview could begin pursuing this career, as it has a minimum age requirement of 16 years. Qualifiers must also be able to speak, write and understand English, be in a safe mental and physical condition, and pass an initial aeronautical knowledge exam.

Don’t be fooled by its titling, this job can be just as rigorous as being in any other pilots' job. It requires a certain type of tranquility and responsibility within a person.

“I am very focused and calm, and this job would be stressful,” said Stottman.

Even if it’s not acting with the military, this profession is part of forming a better future, agriculturally and financially.

Stottman postulates that drone piloting is the way of the future. More and more companies have started using drones, as it acts in making difficult tasks easier. Using drones minimizes obvious dangers and health risks that many workers endure when doing tasks a drone pilot could do safer and better.

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